dpsystems IT Support is your single point of contact for all your technology requirements.

Whether you need a new user added to your network, help with an application, have login issues or need server software updated, you will need an IT Support & Service team.

Many of our activities are pro-active tasks, monitoring and carrying out maintenance, so you won't need to call. Our advanced remote management and monitoring systems utilising secure IP monitoring techniques alert us 24 x 7 on the operational status of your systems enabling us to react to avoid unnecessary major downtime.

But at times, there undoubtedly be an issue arising that needs a call. Our Help Desk is available 24/7. Based in London, we have people who have the ability to understand what you want and meet your needs efficiently.

IT service requests are where you would you like to make a change, such as adding a new user or email account, or gaining access to a particular function. If you need a new piece of software, we'll let you know; if you need a new server or laptop, our Operations & Sales Team will make a recommendation and get you the best options together with prices.

By contrast, IT support requests are made when there is a failure of IT: "I can't print" "I can't login". Fixes are made, if not in minutes, then certainly in hours and the ticket will remain open until the user is satisfied with the resolution.

Our IT support team is trained not only in the technology, but on the specific needs down to custom applications for each of our clients. Knowing your Business helps us help you.

By understanding our clients, we can provide better support and delivery of these key IT support services.