Backup your servers with ease

On-Line backup solutions take the onus out of your in house employee ensuring that a Backup will occur, but also offers an extended Retention period which traditionally would only be available if you had a tape for each day of the month or quarter.

dpsystems provides a multitude of options for Hosted Backup. Our Datacentres are completely UK based and provide full Electrical and Internet Backup facilities, protected using MOD standards and technology with each Datacentre replicated to another site for the fullest protection possible.

  • Data is continuously protected

    No longer lose 24 or even 48 hours' worth of data. Instead retrieve an individual file or an entire system from as little as 15 minutes ago. Simply browse to the data required, choose the date and time, and click to begin a restore. You'll even be alerted when the job is complete.

  • Automatic protection of Applications and System State

    Key applications such as Email, Financials or CRM are no longer complex to protect. Complete protection of Microsoft Exchange is simply a matter of ticking a box. As is protecting the system state of an entire server ready for a disaster recovery scenario.

  • Multiple backup policies; multiple-year archives

    Not all data is equal. So create multiple backup policies with differing rules. Protect email and applications in compliance mode with real-time changes and a seven-year archive; or just ensure basic file data uses a simple overnight backup, stored for 30 days. The choice is yours.

  • Time-of-day and day-of-week bandwidth control

    Squeezing a lot of data up a congested internet connection is a challenge. That's why you can now easily select how much of your bandwidth that backup can use. Trickle-feed incremental changes during the working day at just 25% of the bandwidth – and enable 100% during the evenings or weekends.

  • Incremental backup – incremental restore

    Not only can you backup incrementally, but you can perform incremental restores too. A large database can be recovered from our cloud storage in a fraction of the time normally required by other online services. The system will compare the current onsite version and only recover the changes required.

  • On-site Storage and Turbo Restore Appliance

    Get the best of both on-site disk backup and cloud-based storage. Our Turbo Restore Appliances range in size from 1Tb to 16Tb – they seamlessly slot into the backup process and store multiple versions of your system for super-fast recovery.

  • Cloud-based control of multiple server locations

    A secure web portal provides complete management of all protected devices. From any location at any time you can create policies, run reports and kick-off restores – including redirected restores from one server to another. No more needing log on to the network to manage backup and disaster recovery.

  • Automatic alerts of key events

    The power of cloud backup is in the reliable fit-and-forget nature of the solution. But when things do not go as planned, automatic alerts to named personnel help ensure that remedial actions can be taken before it’s too late.

  • 27001 audited security standards

    Data is encrypted on protected servers before it leaves your facilities – it is sent down secured connections to our tier-4 vaults, where it is held in an encrypted state. Data is instantly replicated to a second geographically separate vault for ultra-high availability. And ISO 27001 security processes ensure high standards surround all operations.