Let us worry about who has what and is it legal or is it still covered under warranty?

At dpsystems, we are committed and dedicated to help with purchasing of the hardware and software needed to run your business. Purchasing is more than just buying products at the cheapest possible price. It's about buying the right product and managing it well.

Buying equipment through us means that you will get the best price for the right specification of equipment. Home or Student versions of software may work well on stand-alone computers, but won't work over a network. Similarly, a home-specification printer or router may not be suitable for a business environment. In so many instances, buying product that seems great value will lead to far greater costs to make it work effectively for your business.

We can offer a Fixed Asset Management service, which starts with a full audit of your equipment: Servers, PCs, laptops, company owned mobiles and other devices: these are often a large part of the fixed assets on your balance sheet and need to be accounted for efficiently.

Mobiles are often not recovered when people leave a business and laptops may be replaced without informing finance that the old machines need to be written off in the books. dpsystems can provide that link between IT and the business.

All new hardware will come with manufacturer’s warranties and we will manage the relationship with the vendor to ensure repairs are fully covered where possible. We also help clients make a decision when a piece of equipment is out of warranty as to whether it is economical to repair or better to replace. When it comes to disposing of equipment, we decommission the machine and then use secure, ethical and legally certified recycling.

When it comes to looking after your software, we offer a License Management Service. Our License renewal database will ensure that your critical applications are renewed as required. We can keep product codes, product licence certificates and even warranty extension information, all of which may be required for future Support.

Purchasing is more than just buying products at the cheapest possible price