• Fully encrypted files and secure processes

    Before files are transmitted to secure data centres they are encrypted to 128-bit AES standards. These files are unreadable to anyone but you. This level of encryption is enhanced with ISO27001 to ensure high standards around all processes.

  • Highly secure, highly redundant data centres

    Data is protected in two mirrored geographically separate data centres. Each data centre is state-of-the-art, offering the highest levels of security and redundancy available. Our 'Tier-4' data centres are impenetrable vaults where your encrypted data is securely held.

  • Daily automatic protection of data

    The power of cloud backup is in the reliable fit-and-forget nature of the solution. Backups will automatically happen every day at the time that you schedule, ensuring that you have a backup at the end of every day with no user intervention required.

  • Incremental changes for quick backup

    Protecting large files that continuously change is no longer a worry. With incremental backup only the changes made to files are sent to the data centres. This means that your backups are sent to our cloud storage in a fraction of the time normally required by other online services.

  • The easy way to restore data

    Multiple methods are available to easily restore any lost data. Either select the files and folders for restoration from the software or access them from anywhere in the world with an easy-to-use web portal. Alternatively, for a large data loss, your data can be returned using an encrypted hard drive.

  • Multiple file versions

    Our backup technology keeps a maximum of ten historic file versions for 90 days. With multiple document versions available, accidentally overwriting the wrong file is no longer an issue, as a previous version is always available – you never lose a file.

Enables laptops, desktops to be completely backed up permitting data to be restored anywhere else. Ideal for those enterprises who have roaming laptop users! Online Backup for PCs and Macs