Leave it to dpsystems!

Whether we need to setup your communications room, install racks, build and setup servers, install Exchange or add PCs or Printers to your network, dpsystems can offer on-site services to permit you to carry on working on your business, leaving us to get things installed and completed on site and handed over.

These services can be provided to cover physical equipment, software, data recovery, housekeeping or even office moves. The most common being to install new PCs or replace existing PCs. More or less anything can be done.

All On-Site works are scheduled to meet your needs, more involved projects are managed hands on by a Project Manager and a team of engineers, but you offload all involvement leaving us to simply get it done with your set timeframe.

dpsystems can offer relocation services, cabling services and M&E advise for new build projects and can liaise with your other suppliers and contractors.