Why buy when you can rent?

dpsystems embraces new technology very early on, we procure, install and implement the latest technologies well before our clients get to even read about the “buzz words”. The last year has seen the words “Cloud Computing” being published everywhere you look.

Having tried real life uses “in the cloud”, we are happy to put our backing behind our clients considering Cloud Solutions. That said, not all applications or solutions are suited to Cloud computing and therefore, our guidance will ensure you don’t make a mistake.

dpsystems can set up and create your cloud IT Service that allows you to access the best in data management, data sharing and data storage without having to have a main server. Your cloud will have, if you require, total IT support 24 hours a day. dpsystems Cloud computing packages are incredibly flexible and we can dip in and dip out when you need or we can be present at all times, making sure things are ticking over nicely and that your IT Services are working to their optimum.

Cloud Computing Services from dpsystems is a low cost yet highly powerful way of managing your company’s IT Services, allowing staff to exchange data, and access information from anywhere in the world. It is incredibly secure and can support multiple sites and customers at one time. Our backbones utilise Amazon and Google Servers & Technology, providing the ability to create Virtual Private Networks from one site to another.