So what does a Technical Assessment cover?

In carrying out the assessment, we look in detail at every aspect of your IT platform, encompassing everything from the network infrastructure and how it has been set up, to the servers, desktops, laptops and other hardware. An inital survey form is usedto compile a basic background, which is then used by our team on site to look at the servers, network infrastructure and a selection of workstations and also gain an understanding of how technology is being used in the business. Our Site Team ALWAYS consists of one of our Senior Consultants and a Senior Technical Engineer.

A detailed report is then written up and presented back to you, with a follow up workshop meeting to discuss and identify the way dpsystems can help you. 
 The process highlights issues around security and other business risks that your organisation may be facing. We look at potential single points of failure, the impact and potential downtime. These are areas of the network, where if they fail, key services such as Email, or Internet Access may be out of action for extended periods of time.

The review proves to be useful to organisation even if we do not succeed in providing you with our services; it provides you with the ability to benchmark your own internal systems and current service providers. Our Technical Review does cost, as genuine time and effort is put in to provide you with tangible information, however should you move ahead with services from dpsystems, the Technical Assessment fee is 100% refunded.

We identify the what-if’s that you may not be aware of or haven’t been told about!